1. Do I need the map update? Will my system work without it?
    If you haven’t updated your vehicle’s GPS navigation system map in the past year or more, then you need a map update. Without a map update your system will be missing important data including new and modified roads, addresses, and points of interest. This information greatly improves your navigation system’s routing accuracy and overall functionality. For further details, select the appropriate brand from the menu above to find your map update.

  2. How much does an update cost?
    Map update pricing varies by automotive brand, navigation system, and the map coverage area (country or group of countries). Select the appropriate brand from the menu above to find the product and price for your vehicle.

  3. Why aren’t map updates free?
    When you purchase a HERE map update, you get a high-quality, manufacturer-approved product. Unlike apps or portable devices, each HERE map update is optimized to your vehicle, a process that requires intensive data gathering and product testing.

  4. When and how often are map updates released?
    Most manufacturers release a new map update once a year. The exact timing of the new release varies by brand and navigation system.

  5. Can I install the map update myself?
    In most cases, map updates sold on can be installed by the vehicle owner. Product pages will confirm whether or not dealer installation is required. Select the appropriate brand from the menu above to learn more about the map update for your vehicle.

  6. What media are used to update my navigation system?
    Standard physical media for map updates include DVDs, SD cards, and USB sticks. The specific media for your vehicle’s navigation system will be listed on the map update product page. Select the appropriate brand from the menu above to find your map update.

  7. Will the map update DVD for my vehicle work in other vehicles?
    Generally speaking, no. Map updates are unique to a specific vehicle’s navigation system. Navigation systems vary from model to model and, in some instances, from year to year.

  8. My map does not contain a road that I know exists. How can I report this?
    We make every effort to provide maps that are an accurate, up-to-date reflection of your world. If your navigation system map displays a discrepancy, please use our Map Creator program to notify us.

  9. If I purchased my vehicle in Europe, can I order a map of North America or other global regions?
    It depends on the manufacturer of your vehicle's navigation system. We recommend that you contact us for assistance.

  10. I purchased a map update and I’m not sure where to find the activation code/license key/password?
    Please contact us and provide your order number for further investigation.

  11. What are the shipping options?
    All HERE maps are delivered by couriers with tracking services. Please note that delivery to P.O. Boxes are not accepted . Shipping time is based on business days and your order should have been received before 3.00pm Central European Time.

  12. When will my order ship?
    On business days, orders placed before 3.00pm Central European Time will be processed and shipped that same day. Same day shipping is also dependent on stock availability and the successful receipt of payment or credit card authorization. Note: If you place an order during the weekend, it will be shipped the next business day.

  13. How can I track my order?
    You should receive a tracking number for your order via email after completing your purchase. Please ensure your email address is correct and check your SPAM just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. Please visit the link to the courier’s website and enter the tracking number to track your shipment. If you did not receive a tracking number, call the contact center at 00800 18 23 53 22. Please have your order number ready when you call.

  14. How can I cancel my order?
    HERE is unable to adjust or cancel orders once processed and/or shipped. To ensure accuracy and avoid any inconveniences, please review all information before submitting an order.

  15. How can I return a map that I have purchased?
    "Contact HERE within 30 days after the shipping date noted on the delivery note. Requests for warranty replacements, returns, and exchanges made after 30 days will not be honored. Complete the following:
    1. Contact HERE Customer Service Centre. Phone numbers are available on the Contact Us page.
    2. Describe the problem and ask for a Return Authorization Number.
    3. Clearly print the authorization number on the outside of the package.
    4. Insure the package and keep the receipt. HERE is not responsible for lost packages.
    5. Return the package, with the delivery note to: HERE Customer Service Centre, Smakterweg 100, 5804 AM Venray, The Netherlands"

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